Rewarded with faux indignation

your say May 16, 2018 01:00

Re: “Lofty notions plunge to Earth”, Have Your Say, May 15.

When one kicks a stone, it is not always apparent what may emerge, blinking, to suffer the scrutiny of candour and lay bare a lacuna where sanity should be. Indeed, if one may mix metaphors, rattling cages and laying out bait produces some interesting outcomes.

When I wrote a few home truths the other day, I implicitly included those here who admittedly abhor democracy but embrace it when it suits, and I did so in the full knowledge that at least one of these mountebanks would bite. 

So it proved to be on Tuesday, when Nigel Pike offered the usual hot air and faux indignation. Like intolerant armchair warriors everywhere, the blowhard paper tiger Pikey loves to pontificate in these pages, ad nauseam, on dealing with what he considers to be the insidious menace of Islam – as long, of course, as it is someone else doing the actual confronting and not him.

He mentions mirrors. He would do himself a service, and indeed the entire readership of this newspaper, were he to venture a peek at himself. And he should remember the words of the wicked queen in Snow White, for therein lies a cautionary tale of vanity and its deleterious effect on ego – not to mention accompanying exposed nerves. Get down to the 7-Eleven and buy a pack of bandages, Nige, you certainly need some.

Dr Frank