After all these years, there’s a new twist in the OJ Simpson saga

your say May 14, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Judge all by same standard”, Have Your Say, May 12.

Eric Bahrt claims that he reviewed the evidence and determined that OJ Simpson was guilty of murder. 

It doesn’t do you much good to review evidence if the evidence is fake. I would suggest that Eric look up and find out who Glen Rogers is.

Glen Rogers is a serial killer who was arrested years after the OJ trial concluded.  He and his family have admitted that it was he who in fact was the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

 He was working as a contractor on the very street that Nicole lived on at the time of the murders and his work vehicle was a white van. Witnesses had reported that they saw a white van parked nearby at the time of the killings.

 The slashing type of murder was consistent with his other murders in which he also targeted women.

 The reason no one heard screams that evening in that densely populated neighbourhood is because Rogers knew how to go for the throat and shut his victims up quickly, so he could make a get away.

 Was OJ such a skilled knifeman?

Sam Khoury

 Again, I must ask what planet is JC Wilcox living on? He claims the Christian Bible promotes nothing more than to peacefully follow Jesus.

And again I must point out that the Bible tells men to murder their wives if they find out on their wedding night that the woman is not a virgin. The Bible also teaches parents to kill their children if they talk back to them.

  Many Christians will say, “that’s the Old Testament”. In the New  Testament,  they claim, Jesus disassociates himself from the “old” book. Google “No, Jesus did not soften the Old Testament”, and you'll see those Christians are either liars or totally ignorant about their own religion.

  The point I’m always trying to make (and so did Gandhi) is that you can find bad things in every religion and yet there are good people who follow them. The reason I have such contempt for JC Wilcox is that he doesn’t apply the same standards to other religions that he does to Islam.

  By contrast, as an agnostic secularist, I speak out against all religious extremism whether it’s in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Myanmar or anywhere else in the world. No one gets a free pass from Eric Bahrt.

Eric Bahrt