Offence too easily drawn out by mere newspaper cartoons

your say May 08, 2018 01:00

Sense of humour deficit alert! May I point out to “offended” letter writers Michael Burd and Stephen Zamel (Have Your Say, May 5) that The Nation’s Stephff does not write news articles, nor does he write opinion pieces or purport to shape global foreign policy.

He’s what’s known as a “cartoonist”, and his job is to lampoon anyone and anything on a daily basis with his delightfully exaggerated drawings, known as “cartoons”.

You see, Mike and Steve, people with half a grain of common sense don’t look to cartoons as a verification of geopolitical, historical or any other kind of fact. One of Stephff’s more endearing characters is the mangy soi dog whose severed tail has been lashed back on with string. Have you read any letters from Diane Cornelius, Jenny Moxham or Eric Bahrt being “offended” at Stephff’s implied disdain for animals? No. Because, notwithstanding their militant pro-animal views, they are grown-ups.

None of us want any Charlie Hebdo incidents surfacing in this fair land, thanks. Get a life, snowflakes!

Nigel Pike