A ‘free’ press is one thing, but a truthful press is entirely another 

your say May 08, 2018 01:00

Stephff’s cartoon on May 1 about the release of Khun Somyot compels me to write. In the drawing there is a farang-looking man saying that Thailand had risen two spots in the World Press Freedom Index. 

What about news by omission? Currently we have the worst humanitarian crisis of the century going on in Yemen, yet none of the mainstream media are reporting about this genocide by Saudi Arabia. Could it be because the US and Britain are afraid to lose their multibillion-dollar contracts selling arms to them? 

Secondly, after all the brouhaha about Assad gassing his own people, the expert Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has found no proof of a chemical attack taking place in Douma, yet none of the mainstream media have written a single word about this important statement exonerating the Syrian government. 

What about the ranking in honesty and truthfulness on the Press Freedom Index?

Clara Holzer