Obama deserves the credit, not Trump

your say May 07, 2018 01:00

On what planet does JC Wilcox live? He writes (Letters, May 4) that under Barack Obama, America had record high unemployment when in reality the unemployment rate dropped from 9.2 per cent to 4.7 per cent when he was president.

And why does Wilcox attack Obama for leaving America in debt, when the debt has increased by over a trillion dollars since Trump took office?

Outrageously, Wilcox calls himself a Buddhist yet adores Trump who has violated virtually every Buddhist principle I can think of. Or Wilcox says he’s for animal rights when the first thing Trump did as president was get the USDA to remove all reports of animal abuse from its website. That was a tremendous setback for animal rights.

 More recently, Trump lifted the ban on elephant parts being imported into the United States. That action was a gift to trophy hunters.

Eric Bahrt

A master of nothing 

That Donald Trump is “a master of negotiations” must rate as a good laugh to all those people who are not infatuated with Donald’s verbal gymnastics. 

Here is a man who (according to USA Today) has been involved in 3,500 legal actions in federal and state courts over three decades. A man who Politifact says has been involved in six bankruptcies. A man so forgetful of his promises that he has been married three times. A man who has overseen a 34 per cent turnover rate in White House staff in his first year in office.  This is the master of negotiations?


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