Where to get unbiased information on Trump and his policies?

your say May 05, 2018 01:00

I don’t pretend to know much about business and the US economy so tend to look at the letters here with a keen eye on their source to see if some bias may exist.

Reading JC Wilcox’s letter (“Trump’s shock therapy is halting America’s disastrous slide”) I could only agree that Trump was providing plenty of shocks but couldn’t quite understand where any benefits could accrue from his barrage of lies and deceit. I thought an American source, well known and not regularly caught up in scandal, would be a place to start and so tried Fortune magazine, which had this to say: 

“Trump’s policies to date – a combination of deep tax cuts and sharp spending increases – are shortening the fuse on that fiscal time bomb, by dramatically widening the already unsustainable gap between revenues and outlays. On our current course, we’re headed for a morass of punitive taxes, puny growth, and stagnant incomes for workers – a future that’s the precise opposite of what Trump champions.” 

Maybe Mr Wilcox knows as much, or as little, about economics as I do.