Road deaths are for the poor

your say April 22, 2018 01:00

Regarding Songkran road deaths, I am curious if anyone noticed that 79.85 per cent involved motorcycles and 7.17 per cent pickup trucks.

That means a total of 87.02 per cent of all recent holiday accidents involved vehicles that wealthier people do not drive! It seems like driving a nice car is the safest form of transportation in Thailand. 

Traffic enforcement should be a bastion of equality. If serious traffic enforcement with high fines based on the value of the vehicle being driven were the standard, I think traffic deaths would fall quickly. I suggest Thailand needs more radar speed enforcement and police cars and radio communications that can catch speeding Ferraris.

Next, no one under 18 and no one over 75 should be allowed on scooters. Third, driver training for everyone. Fourth, empower police who are angry about Red Bull’s “Boss” and want to take some wealthy scalps. 

John Kane


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