The hypocrisy of America calling Syria a dictatorship

your say April 21, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Laughable to claim brutal tyrant Assad ‘defending his people’”, Have Your Say, April 19.

In his letter, Dr Frank first ignores the fact that many thousands of Iraqis and Syrians have been killed by US bombs and in many cases these were blatant war crimes committed by the Americans – standout examples include the Haditha massacre and the helicopter attack revealed in the WikiLeaks video released by Bradley Manning.  It is hypocritical to pretend such hysteria over a few dozen deaths at the hands of the Syrian Army, however the victims were killed. 

Second, every time the Syrian Army is about to defeat a terrorist bastion – in the latest case Ghouta – this mysterious “gas” is released, and only the rebels gain. Logic dictates that the rebels have a motive to stage “false flag” incidents so as to draw US attacks on the Syrian Army, in which cases the Syrian government has everything to lose.  In the fog of war, there is no possible way to determine who really released the gas despite these assurances by the US that “they know who did it”. The Syrian Army has heavy artillery and air force bombers if they wanted to kill civilians for no reason. Instead they had Russia negotiate the safe exodus of tens of thousands of civilians, many of whom told horror stories about the terrorists that were holding them hostage. 

The third point concerns this “dictator” nonsense – as if the US can assign this “dictator” label to any country and violate international law. The US with its two-party system, with both parties dominated by radical Zionists and war profiteers, can hardly claim to be a model democracy. The approval rating for the president is usually lower than 50 per cent, and for Congress hovers around 10 per cent! This means that the “elections” they are holding every four years are not creating a representative government. I seriously doubt that Bashar al-Assad has much less popular support than the US leadership!

Sam Khoury