Assad apologists are defending the indefensible

your say April 21, 2018 01:00

Re: “Hysteria surrounding Russian ‘threat’ is leading us towards World War III”, Have Your Say, April 18. 

On Thursday I read two sharply contrasting letters dealing with matters of contemporary international relations. In one, we have a conspiracy theorist-cum-Trump apologist admiring himself in the manner of alter-egos everywhere; in the other the voice of reason, common sense and, let’s face it, sanity. 

In the former, we have Wilcoxian waffle, or the exhausted and transparent tactic of pretending to be two separate entities parading itself, and the confused state of mind that accompanies it, all over these pages. The object of this silliness is to try and normalise useful idiocy. This is all well and good if you like a good laugh but, considering the gravity of the matter under consideration, highly inappropriate. 

Defending the indefensible in the self-important way that “HHB” does, as the lesser personality of the aforementioned contributor, is quite frankly inimical to good taste and rationality.

The obverse side of the coin gives us Robin Grant (“Has Have Your Say fallen into the hands of Russian trolls?”). We read considered factual analysis, sober reflection, and an argument firmly grounded in reality. 

Let us not allow ourselves to forget that while this discussion issues back and forth, the dictator al Assad’s forces, aided and abetted by his allies, are busy filling graves with the bodies of innocents, many of whom died as a result of exposure to chemical weapons. For those here that support this madness: shame on you.

Were any of these people celebrating a certain individual’s birthday on April 20, I wonder?

Dr Frank