Military generals do not argue with their subordinates

your say April 20, 2018 01:00

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Re: “PM cold to activist student’s invitation for a public debate”, The Nation, yesterday. 

Government Spokesman Lt-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd said:

“Anyone should consider the status of debaters before accepting an invitation. A student debating with a national leader is an unlikely scene.”

Unlikely? They do it all the time in the UK, General Prayut, on live TV no less. Just be honest, an economics student from Chula would rip you to pieces in a debate and make you look rather silly, a job you have already mastered yourself it seems.

Happy enough

It may be more a result of being a career military officer – one does not debate within the chain of command. There is no academic argument. 

No doubt from Prayut’s perspective as chief of the NCPO (aka junta), all of Thailand has been effectively conscripted by the Thai military and Thai citizens are expected to behave as if they were compliant soldiers. It’s no coincidence that the NCPO issues “orders” that compel obedience from Thais.

And just a reminder: deputy junta leader, deputy PM and Defence Minister General Prawit has suggested that “death was just a fact of military life”. 


He has not offered one debate since he took control via weapons and force. The students are the future of the nation. And this man has no regard for them. This why it’s imperative he is voted out.