Globalisation is a money dictatorship that’s strangling national sovereignty 

your say April 20, 2018 01:00

It’s refreshing to read such an excellent letter recognising real reality rather than the contrived reality and lies expounded by the mainstream media, MSM (“Hysteria surrounding Russian ‘threat’ is leading us towards World War III”).

Furthermore it expresses individualism by not blaming President Trump for all the wrongs in the world like so many MSM-fed parrots do. Sound journalism is vital to the preservation of democracy but it has failed its benefactor. It is now for others to expose the truth.

Unfortunately HHB stops short of identifying the “crazies”, their executives and their motives behind the hysteria “leading us towards” this apocalypse. They are intent on creating war between Russia and the United States. It would be but one further step towards the destruction of Western Christian democratic civilisation to enable the establishment of their New World Order, a single world government. But were they to enjoy any degree of success, would there be a world for these obsessive megalomaniacs to govern? To identify them, just follow the money to its pinnacle.

MSM, being in their employ, is not only set on its own demise and failing the people but destroying the very democratic civilisation that permits its existence in the first place. It is indeed “leading us towards WWIII”.

JC Wilcox