Where does Kamnan Poh’s family fit in with Prayut’s anti-corruption push?

your say April 19, 2018 01:00

Re: “PM defends role for Kunplomes”, The Nation, yesterday. 

The Nation: “The father of the Kunplome brothers, Somchai, formerly one of the most influential figures in the eastern seaboard, is serving jail time for masterminding the murder of a local politician.”

So that reform of the political system, then... 

Anyone with a functioning brain could see that the new system would lead to even more necessity for “bargaining” with smaller parties. 

It’s difficult to see a more clear and blatant case of the junta bargaining with local powers in preparation for an election.

There may also be a case for needing more local cooperation in the Chon Buri and Rayong area for the Eastern Economic Corridor project, which these two may be able to secure with their family’s fine, upstanding reputation.

When all the PDRC anti-corruption reformers wake up this afternoon they are going to go crazy with this... right?


As I recall, after sentencing and his “disappearance to Cambodia” the father was reportedly living life on the lam, in plain sight of the local police at the family pile in Chon Buri and even having birthday parties where all sorts of officials, police and government figures were invited. I think he was arrested and finally incarcerated during the last year of the Yingluck government. Kunplome family members, including Sontaya, have also served in both the Shinawatra premierships.

Who said, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”?


Both sons ran under the banner of the Pheu Thai Party in 2010 and won. Now that they have formed Palang Chon with Somkid as their adviser and have openly proclaimed their party allegiance to Prayut, we will see if they still can win with their dodgy background. Nakhorn Pathom has only nine seats and at the last election PTP won eight. Prayut is moving chess pieces around and snapping up veteran politicians to support his PM ambition but it will not be enough unless the Democrat Party betray the people again and support the military; AGAIN.

Eric Loh

Choosing members of this particular family to advise the PM on politics shows exactly the sort of regime he has in mind for the future.

All the junta-lovers should hang their heads in shame.


Looks like Kamnan Poh got out in 2017. Never served any time for murder. Disgusting, but no surprise. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/kamnan-pohs-remaining-jailterm-suspended/ 

Father Fintan Stack