PETA damages the animal rights movement with its disgusting ads

your say April 17, 2018 01:00

I understand that PETA is trying to protect animals, but its ads are cruel, insensitive, disgusting.

It makes me queasy to look at PETA’s ad campaigns, always equating naked women with cows and pigs. It is sexist, gross and downright pornographic. And PETA went too far when it came up with an ad that compared slaughtered cows with rape victims. The ad insinuated that cows were traumatised when they were about to be slaughtered in the same as women when they were about to be raped. 

Worst of all, one of its ads features a photo of chickens crammed in a cage, accompanied by a picture of emaciated prisoners crammed in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. That ad is banned in Germany.

PETA’s intentions are good, but its ad campaigns suck, completely turning me off.

Somsak Pola

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