Not all Thais tolerate the raucous Songkran torrent 

your say April 17, 2018 01:00

Re: “One week when bad behaviour needs no apology”, Have Your Say, April 16.

Lungstib wrote: “Perhaps Songkran is the one and only time when the lower orders of Thai society can ignore the need to wai and bow deeply, can discount whatever uniform it is they are faced with, and get even for all the other days when they are forced to remember their low position.”

What a condescending comment that was. Allow me to share a recent experience:

It happened around 7pm last Friday (Songkran day) in Chiang Mai City. Since it was already dark and most of the Songkran revellers had stopped playing and were on their way home – I took my motorcycle out to buy something to eat.

Suddenly a bucketful of water was thrown at me. It hit my face and chest with a big force, and almost caused my motorbike to go down.

I was so furious that I quickly glanced back at the water-thrower.

The impolite culprit was a tall, white Westerner in his 30s. He gave me possibly his most satisfied grin of the day – together with a thumbs-up.

Hence, not all Thais find it all-convenient when Songkran time comes around, but we bear it. And not all Thais are the cause of headaches during this once-beautiful festival.

Chavalit Wannawijitr

Chiang Mai