One week when bad behaviour needs no apology

your say April 16, 2018 01:00

It being the right time of year, there is a lot of discussion as to why foreigners dislike Songkran.

I would suggest, quite simply, that its because this is one celebration that is compulsory. Age, race, religion or status will not get you a pass on Songkran: that bucket is coming your way regardless of how you are dressed or whether you want it or not.

I’ve never discovered another occasion in any country of this nature. The only “festival” I have found to be disliked with nearly as much passion is Ramadan and even then if you try hard you can avoid the worst of the effects. Perhaps Songkran is the one and only time when the lower orders of Thai society can ignore the need to wai and bow deeply, can discount whatever uniform it is they are faced with and get even for all the other days when they are forced to remember their low position. Grandads behave as badly as their grandkids, everyone is reduced to a target for a soaking. No-one apologises for their behaviour, well not this week.


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