UK PM hasn’t learned from previous catastrophe

your say April 16, 2018 01:00

In this part two episode of nerve-gas poisoning, the alleged incident took place not in Salisbury but thousands of miles away in Syria. 

All fingers naturally pointed to the Russia-backed Assad regime while the Syrian Government argued that the “White Helmet” resistant group supported by the British made up the scene to frame them. But like it or not, Assad is winning the war in Syria. Why would he be so stupid as to use poisonous gas, knowing that it would cause a backlash against his government? As soon as Trump tweeted [his threat] that missiles will fly over to Syria, Prime Minister May responded instantly (we can imagine her clapping her hands and calling her Defence Secretary with relief ) that the British forces were ready to rain Syria with missiles once the Americans took the lead. And on the same day that the team from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons began work to determine whether chemical weapons were used in Douma on April 7, more than 100 missiles were fired by the US, Britain and France into Syria. 

Why couldn’t May have waited until more evidence had been collected? Why couldn’t she have held back until this coming Monday [today] when Parliament convenes after Easter and she could have a chat with [Opposition Leader] Jeremy Corbyn on this matter (the answer is “no, Madam”)? Perhaps May wanted to show EU members that the UK was still a powerful force to be reckoned with after Brexit, and could fight alongside them when there was an outside threat (hence don’t impose harsh Brexit terms on your “mate”!)

It seems that May hasn’t learned any lesson after Tony Blair’s reckless decision in invading Iraq based on false intelligence of weapons of mass destruction. And, as she went to bed dreaming of becoming a saviour obliterating poisoning gas from this world, thousands of miles away the citizens in Damascus were having sleepless nights hearing nothing but the drum of war, not knowing if they would be hit by the next missile and join Saddam Hussein in heaven, or hell, if that matters.

Yingwai Suchaovanich


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