The same old Songkran story

your say April 16, 2018 01:00

Re: “Road accidents continue higher trend even as revellers defy heat to celebrate Songkran”, April 15, 2018, The Sunday Nation

Because you cannot turn road safety and law enforcement on and off like a tap. It needs to be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The average Thai cares very little about these statistics. The volume of vehicles on the roads most days and the lawlessness and sleep patterns of Thais; just the mini vans on any given day is huge. This wont change. The statistic I want to see is: vehicles/occupants vs collisions, deaths and serious injuries in the holiday period. Fatalities are a very small percentage of the sum total on the roads. One can argue any fatality is too much and yes it’s sad, but it’s the Thai lottery and Thais love to gamble.


The weekly death toll on the Thai roads is like losing a big wide-body aircraft every week!  


If ever proof was needed that the country is regressing, here it is, P, take a bow!


I wonder how many of these accidents were actually on the main highways. Perhaps being caught in 50km tailbacks then when getting near their destinations, people go onto secondary roads put their foot down because they are running late, and then being tired the inevitable happens. A few of my wife’s family have decided to stay in Bangkok this holiday. Double time in the factories I’m told, plus easy traffic conditions.