To join or not to join – that is the Songkran question

your say April 14, 2018 01:00

Re: “Splish, splash – tourists and Thais get wet and wild”, The Nation, April 12.

Stop glamorising this ridiculous 11-day water wasting frenzy and the fact that it really begins tomorrow (Friday) but some started early. It was a total ambush today (Thursday) as some of us sat in baht buses jammed in stop-go traffic, with children while the “party goers” laughed it up – bullies and their pails of ice water. And as usual, the useless police sat watching.  


Bah humbug!

Stephen Tracy

Since it takes about 2,500 litres of water to grow a kilo of rice, I am forgoing my bowl of rice a day during the holiday so the kids in my neighbourhood can spray, guilt free, to their heart’s content.

Lots of good reasons to gripe about some of the behaviour during Songkran. But wasting water isn’t one of them. It’s like griping about wasting power lighting up people’s family Christmas trees. You’re not going to enlist anyone to your cause with that one.


I’ve joined you, so tell the kids to splash freely! Wasting water? Where do folks think it goes? We will be using the same water again in the not so distant future, just like we always have.


Contrary to the belief expressed here, “water splashing” is NOT just a “farang” thing. And in some parts of the country (like remote regions of Udon Thani and Nong Khai), they started “water splashing” on Wednesday morning.

We drove from Sisaket to Nong Kai on Wednesday, along some smaller, secondary roads. At one point, for a stretch of maybe 100km, every small village we passed through had groups of small Thai children by the roadside throwing water at everything that went by and, OMG, not a single foreigner in sight anywhere!