The power of libido versus the LBGT movement

your say April 14, 2018 01:00

We live in a confused world of endocrine malfunction. The two biological genders, male and female, seem to have grown to six.

We are told by liberals – disciples of the New World Order – that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual, LGBT, are all separate additional genders rather than products of confused hormonal systems. They go further with the abolition of the pronouns “he” and “she”.

The headmaster of a public boarding school in the UK suggests that pupils are free to decide which gender they wish to be. He says that if boys wish to wear skirts they are free to do so.

Members of the “MeToo” movement have called for the word “man” to be removed from the English language. Mankind would become simply “kind” while Manchester United would be renamed Chester United. Woman would be known as “Wo”. Of course their real solution would not stop at the linguistic but progress to the biological with the loss of male libido. While the feminists would rejoice at such a biological improbability, were it realised, the ramifications challenge the deepest imagination.

Procreation of the human species would cease, together with global warming, and that would please the Globalists. In a relatively short time the last aged remnants of the species would rot away without trace and all other species would take over the planet. The wishes of the feminists would have been granted in their absence together with those of the climate change brigade. White supremacists would have disappeared and there would be no black lives to matter. 

There would be a New World Order but – free from Homo sapiens – and planet earth would thrive.

JC Wilcox