Misplaced sense of nationalism?

your say April 09, 2018 01:00

Re: Is nationalism our ‘Love Destiny’? (April8, 2018, The Sunday Nation)

“…with the goal of celebrating “Thainess”.

I doubt many Thais could articulate a definition of that; one of the true disappointments here was learning as much as I needed to know of that word.


“…And the Culture Ministry is planning to co-produce similar historical dramas evoking Thainess.”

There was a story a couple of years ago that Prayut was planning on writing and producing a Thai soap. I presume this is his work.


 “It reflects nostalgia, a yearning for the past, especially for ‘the good old days’.”

Perfect for a government trying to take the country back to the 1950s. 

“…It shows the mental illness of our society.”

All too obviously truthful. People with their heads glued to a screen rather than the reality of daily life. 


Yes, he did write a few soap operas ... they were called “The Road Map To Democracy” and “Returning Happiness to the People”.


Gee..they are pumping this for all that it is worth and then some.


Either they are desperate for distractions, or some person very high up the food chain has made a wise investment in a factory making “traditional costumes”.


This is a masterstroke of the junta, funding a TV series like that brainwashes the Thais to go back to the old days when there were no corrupt politicians. Just the army and royalty and serfs.

Now soon a pro-junta party will be launched called “back to the simple days” and it will get 95 per cent of the votes and all will be well again in Thailand.  


The last thing the Thais need is more silly nationalism: pride in vapid and vacuous “Thai-ness” is precisely one of the main retrograde elements that are cementing this country in feudal times. What have the Thais ever contributed to world culture, philosophy, science, technology, profound literature, etc to make them so proud of their “culture”? Everything in it was basically stolen. No innovation or originality at all!

All this resurgent Thai nationalism (fostered to keep the masses ignorant of the outside world, slave-like and stupid) is so ridiculous – and potentially dangerous. Have the Thais learned nothing from the past? No. Many of them think that Hitler was a “superhero” (and they even paint his image as a superhero on murals). I kid you not!