Was Ronald Reagan right?

your say April 05, 2018 01:00

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Nation-states have their military forces to protect their land, their sovereignty, laws and customs.

Military personnel swear an oath of allegiance to their nation state. When the sovereignty of a nation-state is under threat from any source whatsoever it is for the military to take action both actively and proactively as necessary.

Strangely there seem to be only two sovereign nation-states who employ their military for national protection, Hungary and the United States. Both countries are facing severe criticism from the liberal fraternities in Europe and the US. Viktor Orban in Hungary has closed his borders to the invasion of migrants from the Middle East and Africa. His first priority as prime minister is to protect the Hungarian people from any threat to their way of life. He is fulfilling his duty, but the European Union seeks to thwart his patriotism.

Similarly, President Trump as Commander-in-Chief will deploy his military to protect the US-Mexican border against illegal immigrants until the national boundary wall is built. The liberal Democrat opposition want the border to remain open to allow free passage into the US for one and all. The liberals are set on his demise as president.

In Europe and the US, liberals see each illegal immigrant as a vote for them by offering welfare at the taxpayers’ expense. Open borders are the route to increasing liberalism. If Ronald Reagan was right then fascism will ensue globally. But was World War II not exactly about that: the repulse of fascism? Will Viktor Orban and Donald Trump stand alone against this recurring threat while the Chamberlainesque world cringes in the fear of being dubbed racist?

JC Wilcox