‘Calamitous and defamatory construct’ a sad invention 

your say April 01, 2018 01:00

The dusting off of the alias HHB is perhaps a tad overdue. Now, on March 30, we have the alter ego’s latest offering gracing the pages of this august publication.

We are to believe that there is a vast anti-Russian conspiracy afoot, in that the West is busy demonising an innocent Moscow, and thus using some murky Machiavellian plot to perpetuate the New World Order. Now where have we read that before, one wonders?

HHB, without one scintilla of supporting evidence, would have us believe that there is no plan to reconstitute Russian stature on the world stage after the humiliation it suffered when the wall came down. Perhaps, from the perspective of HHB, the entire planet is in thrall to a Matrix-style alternative reality, in which the Ministry of Truth shapes our thinking, and foists the pernicious culture of doublethink on us all.

Moreover, HHB gets to the real point at the rear end of his fictional account of how the world works, thereby feeding his maker’s obsession: an injured Trump, the hapless victim of dark forces that we can only dimly perceive. HHB would further seek to persuade us that, in line with his creator’s clumsy machinations, we have a “concocted dossier” – a “calamitous and defamatory construct” all designed to usurp the overweening power of, if you believe reliable polls, the worst chief executive in US presidential history.

So, let us see how all this pans out.  

Dr Frank


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