Thousands of people killed in traffic acccidents, six die from rabies

your say March 29, 2018 01:00

We at Soi Dog Foundation have been perplexed to read that the deaths of six people from rabies this year have led to calls for “Set Zero” – the massacring of all 8 million to 10 million dogs in Thailand.

Six people. Yet the driver of a bus can crash when high on methamphetamine, killing 18 people, and there are no cries for a Set-Zero-type solution.

So we’ll make the call: Round up all bus drivers – whether proven meth users or not. We’ll be kind; we won’t put them all to death. We’ll just neuter them instead. We’ll call it Sex Zero.

That should solve the problem of mad bus drivers killing people, shouldn’t it?

Soi Dog Foundation