PETA should stop criticising and climb aboard elephant welfare campaign

your say March 24, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Baseless attack on PETA deflects from problem of elephant abuse”, Opinion & Analysis, March 21.

We are disappointed by PETA’s continued attacks on Minor International. As a good corporate citizen, we are committed to our various sustainability initiatives across the globe, including our efforts to promote the welfare of elephants in Thailand. With an estimated captive elephant population of nearly 3,500 in Thailand, meaningful progress will require sustained efforts which are sensitive to the cultural context, the mahout communities and Thailand’s long history of human-elephant interaction.

In all of our sustainability initiatives, we seek out partners who share and are willing to work with us toward our long-term goals – we invite PETA to join with us to find areas of commonality to work meaningfully toward improving elephant welfare in Thailand and to become a truly positive and committed participant in this effort.

Stephen Chojnacki

Chief commercial officer at Minor International