Seeking the truth about foreign meddling in Thai politics

your say March 24, 2018 01:00

Re: “Who is being manipulated here?” Have Your Say, March 22.

Robin Grant appears to be a poor truth-seeker. Perhaps that’s due to his lack of interest in alternative points of view and failure to heed Larry King’s advice on RT-America to “question more!” By demonising and belittling those commentators, journalists and media-outlets he disagrees with, Grant exposes himself more as a propagandist than an open-minded seeker of truth. And isn’t it strange that every time someone praises Prayut or criticises the US, Robin Grant pops up with a letter defending them, like a troll in a box? 

Since Mr Grant and others have so little faith in Land Destroyer’s claims about US funding, meddling and influence in Thai politics, I asked The Nation to verify if the US is funding the different groups which currently oppose Prayut. I’m still waiting for an answer. Or maybe foreign interference and meddling in Thai politics is okay with The Nation, Robin Grant and their ilk?

A new and interesting article on – “Thailand: Exposing and Stopping the Danger of US ‘Soft Power’” – describes how the US is “grooming” young people in Thailand and elsewhere to gain influence; read it, and make up you own mind, don’t let Robin Grant be your censor! It also cites Reuters on the young billionaire’s new party Future Forwards’ connection to Thaksin Shinawatra. So here we go again.

If Western corporate media had been open, fair and lived up to freedom of speech, nobody would have to go to alternative media to see the different sides of a story. I normally watch the BBC, CNN and sometimes France 24 and Al Jazeera. But RT is a must if you want to figure out right from wrong as it is the only English language TV channel, live or online, which counters the Western outlets’ more or less common take on important events. 

Meanwhile you have to be blind if you haven’t seen the recent bias displayed in The Nation, including the totally twisted interpretation of a recent poll on the election delay.

A Johnsen

Hua Hin