The fatal weakness in any argument against controlling gun ownership 

your say March 21, 2018 01:00

Re: “Five reasons why most Americans still disagree with gun control”, Have Your Say, March 17. 

Michael Weldon’s apology on behalf of gun-wielders offers some weak reasons why people should walk around brandishing, and discharging, firearms. 

Here’s some reasons why there should, at the very least, be robust constraints on gun ownership in the US:

Sandy Hook; Columbine; Las Vegas; Orlando; Virginia Tech; Littleton; Jacksboro; Blacksburg; Oakland; Newtown; Santa Monica; Marysville; Roseburg; Parkland. Need I go on? That’s just a sample; in all cases we note there are multiple deaths, many involving unarmed children. Not one single moose or bobcat in sight. 

How many deaths of unarmed children, never mind adults, will it take before people like you engage with reality and put your toys away? How many?

In the United Kingdom, as just one example in the industrialised world, we don’t feel the need to endanger our kids in this reckless manner. 

Dr Frank

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