Hasty probe raises likelihood of corruption cover-up 

your say March 20, 2018 01:00

On March 15 in the article “Welfare corruption probe to begin at top ministerial levels”, I was astounded to see the following quote: “an investigation of 76 provincial protection centres had found alleged graft at 44 centres, while the remaining 32 centres were scheduled to be probed ahead of a May 31 deadline”.

Could anyone be found to explain just why a massive corruption scandal, which almost certainly runs right to the top of a ministry, has to be given such a short time span to be concluded. A certain general has taken a full three months to explain a simple matter of watch ownership, while the police spent some four years “investigating” (and I use that word loosely) a serious matter of a car crash that resulted in a policeman’s death. 

Now, with a scandal reaching 76 offices across the country and a multitude of officials in the firing line, a few weeks is considered sufficient for full and proper investigation. It would be easy to conclude that the government is decidedly unhappy to be looking at this at all and purely wishes to announce a few lowly officials guilty and sweep the rest under the carpet.