Not quite setting the record straight

your say March 18, 2018 01:00

Re: “One cow and a load of bullocks on IWD”, Letters, March 11.

Unfortunately, Dr Frank smugly claims he is “putting the record straight” by belittling Jenny Moxham’s and my letters, which happen to display similar mindsets. 

I am quite sure he has not bothered to research the horrors continually occurring in the intensive factory farming of animals for food. 

This time he wrongly states that bulls have the opportunity the do “what comes naturally” to them in the reproductive stakes. In the dairy industry, bulls are unceremoniously, “manually milked” for their semen, and the cows are “man-handled” and subjected to artificial insemination to produce calves and consequently milk, then have their precious milk taken for human consumption. 

Their newborn males are killed as “wastage” and the females are forced into servitude like their mothers. 

So, Dr Frank, in this example of cruelty to animals, with nothing to do with “high moral ground”, once we are aware, we can live kinder, fulfilling, sustainable lives without causing any harm to animals. 

Being a dairy-consuming carnivore is very tough to justify.

Diane Cornelius

South Australia