Eating meat may be more damaging than atheism

your say March 11, 2018 01:00

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Re: Somsak Pola (Letters, March 7) says if I think it’s fine to be an atheist or a believer why don’t I say it’s fine to be a vegan or a meat eater? Here’s the difference:

Merely believing or not believing in God in itself is harmless (I’m not talking about religious extremism. I’m simply talking about a mere belief in God).

But when you eat animal products, you are harming animals and the environment. As for the health issue, I am concerned about the explosion of obesity and diabetes among children, which is a result of the food that their parents are feeding them. I once saw a 12-year-old boy on television who was already taking drugs to reduce his cholesterol. That is outrageous.

From moral, environmental and health perspectives the dietary choices we make can have catastrophic consequences, and thus I believe it would be immoral to look the other way and ignore these very serious problems.

Eric Bahrt