How long before we get transgender animals?

your say March 09, 2018 01:00

Re: “Women’s Day hijacked by a deluded vegan”, Have Your Say, March 8.

I have less enthusiasm for International Women’s Day than Dr Frank, although I don’t suppose it does any harm, other than giving another opportunity for politicians, Hollywood icons and other celebrities to indulge in yet more “virtue signalling”. I am however concerned about Jenny Moxham’s perhaps unwitting entry into the increasingly insane world of gender politics.

The unravelling of traditional Western Christian civilisation has given rise to a number of weird cults, of which the movement to eradicate the very concept of gender is surely one of the weirdest. As examples, gender-neutral toilets are to be introduced in government buildings in Britain and no doubt elsewhere (an appalling thought), there are demands for the abolition of “gender specific” pronouns and, craziest of all, a Cabinet minister in the UK government wants to allow people (mostly men, it seems) who believe themselves to belong to the opposite sex, to legally change their gender without providing any form of medical evidence or having to undergo surgery to remove appendages which would presumably be surplus to requirements.

Jenny Moxham enters into this maelstrom of madness by referring to dairy cows and other farmed (female) animals as her “sisters” when surely “siblings” would be a safer term. Indeed the word “cow”, being gender specific, is also potentially dangerous. And what about any cows, which are apparently sentient beings, according to the vegan/vegetarian brigade, which might want to identify as bulls, despite being weighed down by milk heavy udders? Or in the interests of gender equality, what about any bulls which might fancy the idea of being attached to a milking machine rather than to the rear end of a succession of cows?

Fortunately I’m old enough not to bother much about all this nonsense, and I just hope that my children and grandchildren will take it in their stride.

Robin Grant