One man’s meat is another’s starvation

your say March 09, 2018 01:00

Re: “Women’s Day hijacked by a deluded vegan”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

As the population of the world is increasing to the projected 9.7 billion by 2050, “Dr Frank’s” ignorant tirade against Jenny Moxham’s compassionate call to make the world a better place for all earthlings is frightening. There are countless counties around the world where people are starving. Dwindling crops and arable land are used to feed and breed billions of animals for food, which could be more efficiently used to feed people directly. 

While Jenny asked mothers to think about the suffering of our fellow beings in the cruel dairy, egg and pig industries, Eric Bahrt pointed out in his letter the same day that cow’s milk is meant to grow enormous beasts, quickly (“Cow’s milk is also a child-health issue”). When weaned, huge elephants or cows are herbivores and get all their nutrients from plants. Human “carnivores” or vegans have no need of animal products; we too can live kinder and more sustainably on vegetables, fruit, assorted legumes, seeds and nuts in healthy, mouth-watering combinations, available to us on the Internet.

Diane Cornelius

South Australia