Women’s Day hijacked by a deluded vegan

your say March 08, 2018 01:00

Having previously sicked up no convincing argument whatsoever in the face of the irrefutable logic of natural carnivorism, Jenny Moxham offers yet another tiresome and quite frankly redundant variant of the same, exhausted old refrain. Our “sisters”? Give it a rest.

We now have this risible anthropomorphising Moxham-esque gatecrashing of International Women’s Day – which I consider to be as inappropriate as one can get. I find this repugnant hijacking of a global celebration of women’s rights to be morally offensive. The point of this hugely important yearly event is to call attention to the status and rights of human – not animal – females, which, given the disgusting ways that they are treated on many parts of this benighted planet, is absolutely necessary and critical to advancing and protecting basic gender-based human rights. 

I have no problem with the hyperventilating Moxham – a female – and her ilk making their case in a fitting manner; she has a perfect right to do so. Commandeering a salient single-agenda cause such as International Women’s Day, to make unseemly profit for another far less essential issue however is, in my view, tantamount to snatching the dubious benefits of cheap propaganda to promote a glaringly obvious minority crusade. 

Dr Frank


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