False reasoning disguises irrational hatred of Islam  

your say February 22, 2018 01:00

Re: “The vital difference between Muslims and Islam”, Have Your Say, February 19.

JC Wilcox is running quite to type with the following attempt at semantic engineering. He offers this simplistic and evasive argument for The Nation’s readership to think about: “It is always more pleasant to read a constructive agreement [agreeing with me] rather than an irrelevant [sic] retaliation from a fellow contributor, but one important point needs correcting. My letter did not mention ‘Muslim invasion’ but ‘Islamic invasion’. There is very great difference: Muslims are people, Islam is a totalitarian political ideology.” 

No, there is not a “very great difference” at all, Mr Wilcox; to suggest otherwise is staggeringly ridiculous by any known criteria. Taking this warped line of thinking a step further, he might as well say that there is a “very great difference” between Protestants and Christianity.

It is obvious that Wilcox is advancing a somewhat facile, Baldrickesque “cunning plan”. His attempt at expurgation is deliberately designed to edify his well known visceral hatred of Islam (either the religion or its people, take your pick) by attempting to separate its constituent parts. This degree of revisionist cynicism is only to be expected from a proven Islamophobe.

Dr Frank