A great world for fugitives… with money

your say February 18, 2018 01:00

Do fugitives have the right to exploit the Thai legal system, the very same system they ran away from before they eventually turn back to it, as seen in the case of Yingluck’s house?

Can the Thai legal ever be trusted, where people with money go free? And are most of the world’s legal systems themselves corrupt since fugitives can freely fly around and in some cases even invest in those countries, as in the UK? Just invest, and you are free - what a jolly good world for the rich! And rich fugitives go to UK and those with not enough money for the UK find shelter in Thailand. Same, same, but different! And what about student activists from wealthy families since they are able to win bail and walk to their freedom backed by big money, like an oversized student loan? 

A former poor student

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