US a failed democracy and global predator

your say February 14, 2018 01:00

Re: “Trump needs that wall – to keep Americans from escaping”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

While JC Wilcox offers an opinion backed by facts (“Assange persecuted for sharing the truth”) Somsak Pola’s answer is the usual condescending sarcasm without a shred of fact to prove its foundation. Everything JC Wilcox wrote can be verified online. He concludes that the US is a failed state. In my opinion it is rather a failed democracy. 

Instead of being “nearly asphyxiated from laughing” Somsak Pola might reflect on the chaos around the world resulting from the US government’s predatory policies. Countries that don’t toe its line are being invaded under false pretences of not being under democratic leadership. Or, if that country’s leader was democratically elected, it needs a “regime change”. Most of these wars created by the US or its proxies have resulted in chaos and misery much worse than the status quo before the invasion. 

Will Somsak Pola argue that I am not backing my opinion with facts? I urge him to spend more time on the Internet, where the truth lies, rather than in the mainstream media, who only serve their masters – namely big finance and corporations.

Clara Holzer

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