Americans no longer have democratic credentials to lecture Prayut 

your say February 13, 2018 01:00

As a Westerner originally from a real democratic system, I find PM Prayut’s use of the term “Thai-style democracy” to be nothing more than wishful confusion.

It’s as unrealistic as the terms “Thai law and order” or “the Thai justice system” – which also contain little similarity to the words that describe them.

It’s always possible that in his meeting with US top brass General Dunford, Prayut saw the similarity of both governments’ styles and naturally assumed that Thailand is the democracy the US declares itself to be. And maybe that’s where the confusion lies. After 40 years of divergence from true democracy that would have the founding fathers doing somersaults in their graves, the American general is hardly the best person to correct PM Prayut that voting for a controlling dictatorship is not democracy as it’s known outside of Asia.


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