Assange persecuted for sharing the truth 

your say February 12, 2018 01:00

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Quite some years ago the endeavour of an investigative journalist was to establish facts in search of the truth. The press played a very important role in a democracy particularly in causing government and others to face accountability.

But that was back in history. Now it seems that media outlets have their own agendas. Journalism is now more about complying with the corporate agenda than searching out facts and reporting the truth. This poses a threat to the very democracy that allows the media their freedom in the first place.

But worse is the politicising of law enforcement. In the US, the Department of Justice, DoJ, with its Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, has become partisan, answerable to a political agenda. It is in violation of the Constitution, the paramount law. When both the media and law enforcement are partisan, democracy loses its fangs and a country becomes a failed state. The US now qualifies as a failed state. Even more alarming is when a purveyor of the truth is vilified for committing the “crime” of exposing the truth. Unlike his accusers, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has done nothing more than exposing emails written by leaders of the Democrat Party, the FBI and the DoJ and others. The wording contained within these emails is of those who wrote the emails, not of Assange. If the emails are incriminating, then they are self-incriminating. 

Julian Assange is an icon of the truth. He should be acknowledged as such and released from bondage forthwith.

JC Wilcox

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