Give me that old-time vegetarian kosher nosh 

your say February 11, 2018 01:00

Re: “Oh THAT Noah Zarke”, Have Your Say, February 9

We will continue to chew the cud on the letters pages. Meat eating is legal, we are admonished by Dr Frank. Well that depends on what law is being followed. I see he makes a reference to Halal food. Halal is similar but not the same as Kashrus. Kashrus dietary laws forbid certain kinds of meat and permit other kinds under certain conditions. This kind of meat is not generally available in SE Asia and so to remain compliant some will turn to vegetarianism.

Regarding the flood, I am pleased to say in west Bangkok in 2011 I continued to receive deliveries of vegetables by boat-taxi. Knowing someone at the local market always helps.

I make these observations as I am a bit of a Noahidist (and wasn’t “Noah” a fine movie) albeit that my nosh must be vegetarian kosher.

Ian Martin


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