Everything gets eaten eventually

your say February 11, 2018 01:00

Let’s have a reality check, if that’s possible in this tedious food debate. Spiders eat bugs, birds eat spiders and snakes eat birds.

Big fish eat little fish and get eaten by even bigger fish. At the top are the apex predators. The balance of this ecosystem depends on what’s known as the food chain – animals feeding on each other in their billions and trillions every minute of the day. 

If a spider were capable of declaring whether it relished the prospect of being eaten by a bird, it would probably say, “Nah, I could do without that.” But like it or not, that’s the way it works. Another word for this state of affairs is “Nature”. That’s point No. 1.

Point No. 2 – enter Man. At one time, we were part of a balanced ecosystem, but now our numbers are catastrophically out of control and we are annihilating it. In order to feed the human population, animal habitats have to be destroyed, and that destroys the animals. Our domesticated crops are raised in artificial conditions that involve industrial quantities of pesticides. Poor little bugs and beetles, all of which have central nervous systems, die in their quadrillions so that we can enjoy our fruit and veggies. 

So let’s have less of this holier-than-thou “unspeakable suffering” b*llsh*t from Bahrt, Moxham and Cornelius, who have blood on their hands the same as any meat eater. If any of them would like to have a go at teaching a great white shark the error of its ways by weaning it on to nut cutlets, I would be an enthusiastic spectator.

Can we please stop banging away with this ludicrous emotional drivel? Somsak Pola declares he is now “filled with remorse and shame” every time he eats meat. Get a grip on yourself, man! Ignore the bleeding hearts and eat what you want!

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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