Would-be folk doctor offers healing in the form of hope

your say February 09, 2018 01:00

Re: “Mor Saeng threatens to cease distributing herbal ‘cure’ for cancer”, National, February 7.

I would like to commend Khun Saengchai Haelerttrakul (Mor Saeng), inventor of a so-called herbal “cure” for cancer, who has earned great merit by distributing his capsules freely among tens of thousands of patients for a decade. I hope he can tolerate the difficulty he faces in trying to be registered as a folk doctor.

The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine’s request for additional documents from Mor Saeng is probably a further nuisance. It must seem like the process of earning a folk doctor’s certificate is never-ending.

Even though herbal medicines have not been clinically proven effective in treating cancer (the Public Health Ministry recently found that the herbal concoctions are harmless and contain no steroids), most of his patients believe their symptoms have improved.

Cancer patients on alternative therapies only hope their quality of life improves. To stop Mor Saeng from distributing his capsules might ruin those hopes.

Sutipunt Bongsununt