The rural idyll is gone, replaced by grim reality of modern factory farms 

your say January 20, 2018 01:00

Re: “Switching to the animals’ point of view”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Tony Ash wonders if farmed animals would prefer to “savour” life in order to be eaten – or prefer to never exist at all. Firstly, to savour something means to enjoy it, and I doubt whether any farmed animals would ever “enjoy” their lives. 

Endure, would be a more appropriate word. This is because the majority are imprisoned in grim, stinking, sunless, cramped factory farms. They have no semblance of a natural life and, in addition to this, they are agonisingly mutilated. Laying hens may be in chronic pain as a result of de-beaking while “broiler” chickens are deliberately bred in a manner known to cause suffering. Animals reared outdoors suffer too. Dairy cows are compelled to give birth each year and each year they have their beloved newborn babies torn from their side. Calves are agonisingly castrated and dehorned. Sheep and cattle suffer in droughts and severe heat and many sheep freeze to death after being shorn. 

This is only a fraction of the pain farmed animals are forced to endure. And, of course, they all meet a terrifying and brutal slaughter. Does Tony seriously think any sensitive, intelligent animal would prefer this life over no life? I know I wouldn’t.

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia