Why Trump’s ‘shitholes’ remark is not racist 

your say January 17, 2018 01:00

Re: “Trump wants blond, blue-eyed people – not those from sh*thole countries”, Have Your Say, January 13.

President Trump’s alleged comments, if true, have nothing to do with colour. Most Norwegians have dark eyes and hair.

President Trump questioned why the US was receiving only immigrants from undeveloped backward countries rather than people from Norway. Norway is a developed country with Western standards. Norwegians, who were among the nation’s founders, would assimilate well in the US and be a positive addition to the existing population. 

The countries to which the president referred are quite different, with differing standards of hygiene, education and beliefs and cultures not at one with Western Christian civilisation. Once in the US, immigrants from these countries constitute a dependency and possibly even worse. Emigration from undeveloped to developed countries will not help the undeveloped countries to improve the lot of their people. But reality shows it does have a very injurious, negative effect on the host countries. Uncontrolled immigration improves nothing but is destructive of much.

Norway is also a favoured host for the economic invasion from the Middle East and Africa. European and Scandinavian countries have suffered severely from uncontrolled immigration from undeveloped countries. Their cultures and economies have been destroyed to the extent that they are becoming increasingly more representative of the immigrants’ own countries. The immigrants are only succeeding in converting their host countries to the standards of the countries from which they’ve escaped.

President Trump is well aware of the situation and his alleged expression is nothing more than a colloquial, dictionary term in common use. It means disorganised, dysfunctional and a mess. It is a refreshing antidote to the anti-freedom-of-expression imposed by Marxist Culture’s political correctness.

JC Wilcox