Need to end generations of poverty cycle 

your say January 14, 2018 01:00

Do we need “step teachers” with a master’s degree in pedagogy in the rural areas?

Research in the West has shown that families who have lived on social security for two or three generations have a high failure rate in finding a job.

In my environment I have noticed a somewhat similar social phenomenon: the remote workforce and the impact of their remittance contribution on today’s and future life in Thailand’s rural areas.

Social circumstances seem to force part of the community to focus completely on the remittance that will be earned abroad, and to turn a blind eye on important factors such as follow-up education, often out of necessity. The money is badly needed to try to make ends meet.

In case of an unexpected pregnancy for example, the chances/opportunities to continue studying, although not that easy, are not even considered. The pre-set scenario is instantly laid out – you’re going to look for work in Bangkok and I, often mum, will take care of the child.

Many community members do not know that there are organisations that can help with follow-up education – if one complies with their conditions, of course. 

These last years I’ve seen so many M-3/6 finalists and “dropouts”, leave the village to go to work in Bangkok or abroad, becoming market entrepreneurs among other work to secure the homeward-bound bath-flow.

Dirk Sumter