How Qatar World Cup could kick off end to war on terror 

your say January 13, 2018 01:00

Re: “Qatar is a worrying venue for soccer’s 2022 World Cup”, Have Your Say, January 8. 

Once again, Mr Leitner comes up with the kind of anti-Islamic tirade he is becoming famous for. 

He admonishes Fifa for, among other things, choosing a site where alcohol is not sold. Actually, considering the behaviour of English hooligans at international events, I think this is a rather good idea. 

He also reminds us that a strict dress code will be in effect, and that 

unmarried couples will not be able to share hotel rooms together, making it impossible to bring your girlfriend along. Oh really? Nowhere is it stated by the event’s organisers that men are prohibited from bringing along their girlfriends to 

the stadium and having a good time together.  

Finally, he wonders how could Fifa choose a venue which might prohibit nationals of certain countries, such as Israel, from attending? Well, there are hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world. There is no reason why the people of any of those countries should be denied something, just to satisfy the five or so million in Israel.

What Mr Leitner fails to grasp is that sports can be a unifying force in the world. Having just come back from South Korea, let me tell you, war with the North may already have begun had it not been for the presence of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The Olympics have served to bring the two nations together at the negotiating table for the first time in nine years.  

Similarly, it is only through dialogue with the rest of the Islamic world that terrorism can be truly ended.  


Khon Kaen