Identity-theft victim jailed due to incompetent police, lax banks 

your say January 12, 2018 01:00

Re: “Woman, 24, threatens to sue banks over fraud case linked to ‘stolen ID’ that landed her in jail”, Around Thailand, yesterday. 

I hope identity-theft victim Nicha Kiatthanapaiboon will sue the banks – and the police too. 

Shame on the police for blaming her for not responding to the summons, when a simple search in their records would have shown that Nicha reported her ID as stolen. Matching this information against the date when the bank account was opened would have exonerated her in a matter of minutes, yet the police went to get a warrant for her arrest and, despite being confronted with evidence, still refused her bail, furthering their level of incompetence. 

To make matters worse Pol Lt-General Tawitchart now says that he must investigate whether she is an accomplice or a victim. 

The banks meanwhile should be ashamed because their poor procedures meant the thief was able to register an account at several banks. The impersonator opened nine accounts under Nicha’s name while wearing the same medical mask – and not a single clerk asked her to remove the mask to check her identity. Bank clerks are told to follow orders and not to take initiative. 

Clara Holzer