Bannon revealed Russian collusion; why are you still in denial? 

your say January 09, 2018 01:00

Re: “Another pathetic Trump bashing”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Nigel Pike never gives up. For the last year, he and his ilk have been saying that the Russian collusion charges against the Trump campaign were leftist “fake news”. Yet despite former Trump friend and close adviser Steve Bannon now saying the same, Pike is still at it. (Even in his apology last week, Bannon does not deny he made those charges; he simply said they were not directed at Trump’s son-in-law.)

If God came down from heaven and said there was Russian collusion, Pike would probably accuse the Almighty of being on Hillary Clinton’s payroll. (Full disclosure: Hillary Clinton pays me Bt10 for every anti-Trump letter I get published!)

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai