Some find it hard to digest the truth about difficult issues

your say January 08, 2018 01:00

After living for the last 30 years under the influence of the benevolent, mild Thai culture I was afraid I had lost it! But Pike’s letter from two days ago reassured me by using the adjective “acerbic” for my writings. Thanks!

Pike’s letter, as usual, showed a disturbing lack of understanding of the context of my letter or similar ones. Pike doubts if he would be invited for the suggested roundtable round but a personal invitation to participate was given! 

To clarify my position on my opinion that a discussion with Pike is impossible, I would like to give one out of numerous possible examples. Some time ago Pike spread the disgusting rumour that Planned Parenthood has sold body parts of foetuses, repeating the identical rumour spread by evangelicals in the US. When I pointed out that a judge had exonerated Planned Parenthood of these lunatic accusations Pike didn’t apologise for spreading these shameful lies nor contradicted the verdict of the judge. Hiding himself behind a cowardly curtain of deep silence, many were the times Pike used the same tactics when confronted by facts not confirming to his mindset. A roundtable, however, is a different beast where you can’t hide behind silence or ignoring the facts.

One last word to a letter writer complaining about the boring letters of regular contributors to “Have Your Say”. The solution is simple: Just skip these writers! But my experience is that a great majority love these letters by participating in commenting on these. The topics in these so-called “boring” letters are often of the utmost importance for the world we live in. And don’t forget the entertainment value which is of a high quality seen the showing of incredible stupidity, the applying of false logic, the use of alternative facts. Really “a joy forever” intensified by the editor’s attitude of allowing the use of acerbic language. Keep them coming!