Anti-Semites deliberately ignoring facts of Israel’s occupation 

your say January 04, 2018 01:00

Re: “Thailand showed courage in defying US bullying over Jerusalem”, Have Your Say, December 29.

Michael Pirsch’s letter contains the classic anti-Semitic propaganda so typical around the world today. Make no mistake about it: Israeli policies in occupied Palestinian areas are often cruel and unjust. The hardship imposed on the local population is only partly justified by security concerns, and, again, this happens because no occupation is pretty.

But calling the situation a “genocide” is a long shot by any standard, assuming Mr Pirsch understands that term. This makes his criticism unfair and racially prejudiced. Another term often used by latter-day anti-Semites to describe Israel is “apartheid state”.

The writer compares Israel to South Africa, another ridiculous argument. Just read your history, sir. There are very few common denominators.

Another typical slander is the “fenced in” Gaza Strip.

It is very convenient to ignore the fact that Gaza also has a border with Egypt, which is sealed off for precisely the same reasons cited by Israel: the rule in Gaza of Hamas, listed as a terrorist organisation by most of the civilised world. Or does Egypt also qualify for the same epithets used to label Israel?

Andy Leitner

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