Thailand targeting foreign paedophiles while ignoring home-grown problems 

your say January 04, 2018 01:00

Re: “Australian child sex abusers on notice in Thailand”, Sydney Morning Herald, January 2.

“Australian paedophiles hoping to stay under the radar in Thailand are facing tougher scrutiny from a Royal Thai Police-led unit tasked with policing sex crimes against children,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports from Pattaya. 

Great news, but nothing about Thailand cleaning up its own sex abuse problems.

How about closing down long-established methods of getting young women into the sex trade, and hunting down those who make a profit from such evil business.

Don’t get me wrong – sex is great, but forced servitude of any kind is evil.

Legalising prostitution would go a long way toward cleaning up the business. That’s true for the United States as well.

Michael Weldon