Does Thailand really need a high-speed train?

your say December 25, 2017 01:00

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Re: Construction bids for high-speed train project in coordination with China to be completed in 2018

You can see most of them have never picked up a shovel in their life. Bidding starts end-2018 so nothing will start until mid-2019 the earliest. Good luck with 2021, not a hope

It’s mainly nonsense and many ruling bodies see high-speed railway as a way of joining the first world. China, for instance, everywhere I worked resembled something out of the industrial revolution 

Other than tourism Thailand hasn’t got much else to shout about so high speed gives them something else. Also the fact this country needs hospitals, schools and safe infrastructure not wasting money for big face and Kudos.

Notice the timing of this and the Japanese system bidding end of next year, after the election. No one will commit to the building anything as the government will change. 

I doubt they will rely on the “organic laws” being followed. The same thing is happening in Malaysia. No one will move until after election for the big projects

Two highly corrupt nations 


The technology that will be bid next year will be outdated by the time it actually gets built even if it was ready by 2021, which I seriously doubt given the proclivity for delaying tactics.


A basic train system is what Thailand needs. They are 100 years behind schedule already.

I fly Bangkok-Udon Thani for Bt1,000 one way, so there’s no need for a high-speed train travelling at only 250kph.


Thailand has a basic railway system already. It is run down, unreliable and is essentially ignored by the powers that be (they don’t use or need it so it doesn’t matter). For a fraction of the money being talked about, it could be modernised, capacity increased and standards of safety, reliability and comfort could be improved, giving most parts of the country access to an adequate rail system.

Unfortunately that would entail only a fraction of the “brown envelopes” and face-enhancing antics that are driving these disparate projects.


It’s a modern days Trojan Horse and part 2 of the colonialisation plan.